How to Care for your Countertops?

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A countertop is an essential part of the interior of your property. As a homeowner, you usually need them in several areas, particularly in the bathroom, kitchen, and elsewhere you do loads of work. Over time, these countertops might lose their shine, and dirt can settle on its surface, making it necessary to get them cleaned. When caring for countertops, you must have the right tools. To make countertops look as new as before, these general guidelines will surely be of help.


Many countertop and stone slabs are unsealed when you buy them, so make sure to seal them after they’re installed to a counter, using an effective sealant alternative. You can go with the DIY route for this, but it is always a good idea to hire a professional’s services to keep up the standard of your countertop. A sealant is useful for improving heat and water resistance, particularly for materials like quartz or granite.


When the countertops on your property are sealed, you can use them as you want. However, you should also conduct regular cleaning to make sure that they are free from dust. This can be done by wiping a dry cloth and will help in expelling any residue, dirt, and moisture.


Sealed countertops are organic repellents of germs, but it is still the best option to sanitize them. A solution made from alcohol and water will be able to kill any bacteria or viruses on top of the surface and remove any stubborn residue.

Caring for Specific Countertop Surfaces.


Marble is soft and relatively weak then its alternatives. It can sometimes get scratched easily, can absorb stains, and must be treated with caution. For routine cleaning your marble countertop, dust the buff with a damp cloth to restore its shine.

When intense cleaning is needed, pour a bit of all-purpose cleaning ammonia onto a cleaning cloth, wipe the marble surface and buff dry. When done cleaning, use a commercial polish to restore the shine. As a preventative measure, never use aggressive or acidic cleaners on marble surfaces, including any white vinegar product.


Preventing spills is the key to keep granite countertops to keep its shine. Mop up the liquids as soon as possible to prevent it from penetrating the surface. Use coasters under mugs, juices, and beverages, since water can seep into the surface, making the counters appear dull.

To effectively clean granite, it is recommended to use a solution of warm water along with some drops of dishwashing detergent. Avoid cleaning granite with products containing acid, for example, white vinegar, as they make the surface appear dull and pale.

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